When I put, "on to be my dream, a cabinet maker," under my senior photo in high school, it would have been hard for me to believe that I would still be at it, and loving it, more than three decades later. What started in my parents' garage has grown into two large commercial buildings with more than twenty-five employees.  

When I look back on it now though, other than our growth, not much has changed after all of these years.  Back when I was annoying our neighbors late at night to make sure I hit a deadline, my handshake was my contract, and my focus was always on the highest quality, the best customer service, and a dedication to my customer's goals.

As Moon grew from these commitments, and I needed to focus on running the business, I made sure to hire people as good or better than me in every aspect of what we do.  By gathering the best people who are committed to the same goals I had in my parents' garage, I still take pride in everything that goes out the door, and every relationship we create.

We look forward to supporting you in your success.
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Bruce M. Moon
Founder/ President/ CEO