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We may be great guys, but if we don't have all of the capabilities you need, we're not going to be your solution. During our 30+ years in business, we've expanded our services to ensure that your great idea gets from the cocktail napkin sketch to your business floor.


We'll take the time up front to figure out exactly what you need. Not only do we have years of experience to draw on, but we'll also take the time to meet with you and survey the project if that's what's needed to have a complete understanding of what you want.  We'll get it right the first time.


We can work with you on layout, materials and products that can deliver the look and function that you want. We'll make suggestions about solutions or options you might not have considered that can bring added value or savings to your projects.  With advanced renderings, we also have the ability to show you what your space will look like when it's done.



We have state-of-the-art AutoCAD to take your concepts and develop detailed shop drawings so you're sure we're creating what you need.  But it's not just about delivering something that looks nice; our structural and material review will ensure that we deliver something that will work for you.


We will make sure you get what you want the first time.  Our prototypes not only ensure your finished product will be what you envisioned, it allows us to be certain that everything from the materials you've chosen to the tolerances you expected are right on.


Special materials

A great design typically requires a variety of element and materials to truly shine.  We have experience with metal, glass, fabrics, leather, stone, granite, solid materials, exotics and, of course, wood.  Understanding all of these materials allows us to provide the best, most functional solution for your needs.


We have all the machinery to build your vision, but it takes more than machines to create great products. It takes knowledge and experience.  Our CNC machine's capabilities may be what the project calls for, but sometimes the touch of an experienced hand offers right solution.



We have our own installation staff to not only make sure your job is installed on time, but to make sure it works exactly how you need it to.  We can work as the project manager or with your general contractors to get the job done.


Our own fleet of trucks allows us to watch over ever aspect of delivery to ensure your product arrives in time and un-damaged.  Our logistics staff can also oversee any method of delivery you need, from standard freight forwarding to overnight air shipping.



A quality finish can make a project, but if it's applied with no concern for durability and function, it can also ruin one.  We are experts in powder coating, varnish, pigmented lacquers, polyesters, paint, or anything else you can dream up to ensure your project is truly "finished."


We believe that the job isn't done once we install your product.  We take ownership of our work.  You may have paid for it, but if something goes wrong, it's our problem.  We're experts in this field.  Call us any time with any question and let us be an ongoing resource for you.


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